Computer Codes

The programs described in the book are downloadable here. The programs listed and described in the book were written for Python 2.7 and Visual Python 6. I am now in the process of converting all the programs to Python 3.7 and Visual Python 7. I recommend installing the Anaconda Python distribution Anaconda Python distribution with Python version 3.7 or later and  Visual Python 7. It is recommended to run the programs by typing IDLE in the terminal of Anaconda, or using the IDE Spyder. Using Anaconda is convenient, since it installs many modules needed to run the programs presented here. From IDLE open the programs (usually the file) and run it.  When the zip file has the extension “NEW”, it means the code has been updated to Python 3.7, otherwise it is in Python 2.7. Right click the blu buttons to download the Python programs. For any additional questions feel free to email:

The programs described in the book are downloadable here.  The programs and modules downloadable here are for R 3.3.1, for 32-bit processors and they are available on the official R website ( Right click to download the .R files. Some programs
use User Defined Functions that are necessary to perform some computations. The user should download the file and, listed at the bottom of this page. Then it should create a directory within the main directory where the R programs are saved, called User Defined Functions and data, and unzip all the files there. Right click the green buttons to download the R programs for NLTS. Additional exercises  and examples are included here, at the bottom of the program list, that are not included in the book. In the .zip file is included a PDF document with the theory about the exercise.

Random Processes Analysis with R

Marco Bittelli, Roberto Olmi and Rodolfo Rosa. Oxford University Press (in writing).